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  1. Kavanut cheerleaders exposed as swiftboat operatives.
  2. Kavanaugh as drunken teenager attempting rape...
  3. CNN slammed as 'highly misleading,' 'irresponsible'
  4. Justice???
  5. Toad stool dick with Yeti pubes...
  6. Hello, Dumb Southerners. Old man yells "treason!" at cloud.
  7. This pants pissing little fucking loser now claims desire to impeach Bozo
  8. Cory " Spartacus" Booker admits to groping a girl when she was 15.
  9. A small business owner, before and after the Venezuelan crisis
  10. GO TRUMP
  11. Do Muslims Wear Nike's???
  12. Scumbag of the Day
  13. 60% Disapproval....woe boy!
  14. Happy Birthday!!!
  15. Oh libs.. your CNN didn't report this gem.. LOL
  16. Wait, WHAT?!?!?!?!
  17. Trumpy just declassified everything lol.
  18. oopsie.. doesn't look good libs..
  20. The Beto vs Beta Saga continues!!
  21. Hey, Johnny!!!
  22. Trump is losing support and votes BIG TIME..Impeachment in his future
  25. Trump losing his mind and grip on reality...
  26. The future does not belong to Trump
  27. Dear liberals - please join this professor in protesting Trump !
  28. This is the lasting legacy of liberals towards blacks
  29. Why Are Liberals Such Hypocrites???
  30. Presiden Reggin Airclaims Victory!
  31. Another antifa liberal shit for brains going to prison.. great crowder video
  32. Liberal tears are like Champagne as Trump packs the courts
  33. The Power Of Socialism
  34. Beto O'Rourke's 90s punk band
  35. John McCain
  36. Dumb Liberal Bitches
  37. Trump Aint A Fascist!
  38. oh those peaceful south african jaboons..
  39. Tibbetts family rebukes Trumptardlican Potty
  40. Just a Reminder
  41. Hitchens's Razor
  42. John McCain Dead
  43. The most blasphemous Trump photo chop ever created
  44. Silent Sam didn't answer when asked about his racism, so now he's gone
  45. Roy Moore, democRAT style!
  46. I thought this was a photoshop, too.
  47. Can You Believe it???
  48. Illegal mexcrement rapes and kills Molly Tibbetts
  49. Looks like whites need a whites only land here
  50. They hate us because they hate us!