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  1. And Obama's legacy is wiped clean, like shit off a baby's ass.
  2. Google algorithm very accurate, apparently
  3. Trump stooge laughed off stage at climate change talks
  4. Questionable Campaign Contributions??
  5. Hey libshits.. where is your fucking outrage on this bullshit ?
  6. Ocasio cortez.. the new liberal wonder
  7. Migrant Coverage: Live
  8. California judge orders porn star to pay Trump 290K legal fees
  9. MOVED: So, are some of YUO banded from Stomping Grounds?
  10. Is America Really The Greatest Country In The World?
  11. Don't worry about U.S. debt
  12. Antifa circa 1944
  13. 10" of global warming
  14. Something For The Haters In This Forum
  15. Is It Time To Move??
  16. R.I.P.
  17. Lol...trump.
  18. Guiliani trolls himself on twitter
  19. Now this is typical liberal Fascism
  20. how democrats gagged republicans from accusing them of vote fraud
  21. Liberals really are a gullible bunch of shit heads
  23. MOVED: Happy Birthday LEMON!!!
  24. Sounds like a case of "white" nationalism
  25. Former Nigerian President Attacks Obama, Kerry for Meddling in 2015 Election
  26. BASTARDS!!!
  27. Deafening silence from NRA and gun nuts after good guy with a gun shot by police
  28. A liberal paradise (with video)
  29. THE DOW!
  30. The Trump Administration Just Buried Its Own Devastating Climate Report
  31. This is how Marxism takes over a country
  32. Because I'm A Giver: POLITICAL LINKS
  33. There is literally an American al Qaeda, now.
  34. White House Revokes Jim Acosta's Press Pass
  35. Maxine Waters Kid
  36. Sad-Clown Fascism
  37. Broward Bullshit
  38. Hey libs.. how is Avanatti's lawsuits going ?
  39. Another Despicable Democrat
  40. I thought this shithole was shutting down?
  41. So we should have raked leaves??
  42. Why did Trump cancel his WWI commemoration speech?
  43. No vote fraud in Florida.. right libs ?
  44. Federal judge trolls Marco Rubio and rebukes Gollum.
  45. They’re Here!!! Caravan Migrants Reach US Border at San Diego, Climb Fence
  46. The Georgia Election
  47. Fauxnews turns on Dorito; magachuds will turn on Fauxnews?
  48. il ducebag effectively demands soldiers stationed abroad be excluded from voting
  49. FINALLY Mexico Agree to Pay for Wall
  50. god fearing beaners.. doing the jobs americans won't do .