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  2. The best Bush has died. RIP Babs.
  3. London to Perth Non-stop
  4. Cat Videos in Danger
  5. McConnell wants hemp removed from controlled substance list
  6. Cat 5 Cyclone Marcus headed for caskur
  7. This Is An Outrage!!!!
  8. OINK
  9. But Brazoo is a disarmed country!
  10. Is this the world's worst attempted robbery?
  11. Somebody please talk TWAP down from that window!!
  12. Explaining Net Neutrality
  13. Bitcoin blues
  14. Net Neutrality is Dead
  15. Ginger Prince Harry to marry half Negress
  16. Terror in Australia
  17. Kook Of The Day
  18. Trump kills Cassidy, eats cheeseburger, gropes Ivanka.
  19. Chuck Manson
  20. Tic-tac, one minute closer to civil war
  22. Monster Gold Nugget Found in Western Australia
  23. Category 4 Typhoon Lan Targets Japan
  24. California wildfires started by illegal alien
  25. Hurricane Feral
  26. Equifax website hacked again
  27. Hurricane Harvey
  28. NATE
  29. Shit just got real for male abusers online
  30. Biggest diamond for a century sells for $53 million
  31. Maria
  32. 8.2 Earthquake in Mexico, Tsunamis to hit Numerous Countries
  33. Brazil Police Make Largest-Ever Bust of `Lost Treasure' Trove
  34. Ah California, you can't sink into the Pacific fast enough...
  35. Rio, the city that leftism built
  36. Dick is dead!!!
  37. Hunt for a $2 million treasure chest kills 2, so far
  38. Roger Moore IS Dead!
  39. Prince Phillip or Queen E 2 dead soon.
  40. Trump doesn't love Joanie.
  41. And down the toilet the UK's NHS goes..............
  42. My baby daddy killed himself
  43. The race war can't come soon enough
  44. Hey Lemon, how's that diversity working for you?
  45. Murder live-streamed on Facebook
  46. Rikers Island Jail—'the Worst Place on Earth'—Will Close
  47. 4Chan user posts dead woman's photos online before body found
  48. Idiot kills 13 for texting while driving
  49. More boons cashing in on stupid whites like Trasurer and Poohead
  50. O'Bummer's legacy: Mass electronic surveillance on a global scale