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  1. Rancid sent this to me to show
  2. may have noticed BRA1N's not been around as much lately..
  3. So CW.....
  4. A question...
  5. TRF has become really gross. What can the New TRF do for me?
  6. What's your story?
  8. Post of the Day
  9. Another word for
  10. What are you thankful for today ?
  11. Hey Fatso
  12. You know you've been flamed when.
  13. On PII
  14. TRF 2.9
  15. Feral, lets be friends again and sort matters shall we?
  16. Hi
  17. Voice Your Concerns about TRF 3.0
  18. Godbotherers of TRF: Please eat rat poison
  19. Caskur says "ewwwwwww" about feral....
  20. We need to stage an intervention for Vitriol
  21. Oi caskur...
  22. V-Agent Sighting???
  23. Call-Out Casket for the title...
  24. Bra1n owes Caskur an apology
  25. So..Flynn
  26. lodestar....
  27. My teenage child and I shared the same account on a degenerate porn forum
  28. Hey Bozo
  29. Chat Posting is pretty Entertaining
  30. The Real Post
  31. Good news!
  32. Johnny give us your thoughts on what gay sex smells like
  33. Most Annoying Female Poster
  34. Is Bra1n a Poofter?
  35. Who Wants My TRF Title?
  36. Poppy aka Fox Mulder..
  37. H.C.Trouble..
  38. What If...
  39. Why Vixen put me on watched status.
  40. Why won't you tell me about your other forum?
  41. sum c'UNT is posting as Ant Antag' and punking Bra1n's ban...
  42. I am under watch.
  43. Lemon..
  44. The caskur 'I Quit TRF' Collection
  45. Flame Truth is coming along nicely
  46. Call-Out. Let's have a three way....
  47. Can Brain shit or get off the pot
  48. So caskur...
  49. Bra1n
  50. When a "Flame Champ" publicly Rage Quits, is that abdication of the title?